Bus Shelters

Euroshel manufactures a range of bus shelters to suit a variety of customer budgets and requirements.  You can find out more information about each of our bus shelter ranges below.

Urban Metro

Urban Metro Plus




Manufactured in house from high quality materials and designed to be low maintenance, the bus shelters are constructed from stainless steel using our unique Euroshel Modular System. This means we can cater for smaller customers who require one or two bus shelters for a parish council to full  a public transport infrastructure system.

Euroshel is highly experienced at working with clients to achieve their precise requirements and we often develop bespoke designs so that all objectives are met.  Our ultimate aim is to add value to client’s service delivery.


We know that in an era of ever-decreasing budgets, the money is not always available to local authorities to replace worn out bus shelters.  With this in mind we have worked closely with a number of councils to develop refurbishment programmes aimed at renewing the existing portfolio and protecting against future deterioration.

Autocross Euroshel can carry out a comprehensive condition survey of your existing stock and identify key bus shelters for renewal.  Targeted refurbishment at the right time can significantly extend the life span of your current bus shelters and modern materials and methods can mean your Council’s image can be easily maintained.

Some of before and after photos can be seen below.

Gynn Square - Before and After

Gynn Square – Before and After

Designer bus shelter by Euroshel in Blackpool


We have been making and installing bus shelters for over 30 years. A range of co-ordinated accessories are available including stainless steel perch seating, timetables, bus stop poles and solar lighting.